Media Types

      Available Print papers

      » Engineering Bond

        Bond printing paper is the common, slightly rough surfaced paper that is used as the standard paper for many print operations. We stock 20#, 24# and 32# white bond paper and 20# colored bond paper in blue, green, pink and yellow colors. In general, the thicker bond papers appear whiter and give a brighter finish because they allow less background light to be seen through the paper. This is especially important for formal proposals and for colored engineering drawings and renderings.

        Typical applications for bond are as follows:

        • The 20# white bond is suitable for standard blueprints and specification books.
        • The 20# colored bond may be used to delineate the various sections of thicker documents and drawing sets.
        • The 24# white bond is used for proposal documents and engineering prints
        • The 32# white bond is used for color renderings.

      » Adhesive Backed Bond

        The 24 lb bright white stock with an acrylic repositionable microsphere adhesive on the back side that will mount to a variety of surfaces. This product is an excellent choice for presentation exhibits or temporary indoor signage. It also works well for wall art where standard fasteners are not allowed. The thin silicone release liner removes easily for quick mounting.

      » Presentation Bond

        Sturdy 28 lb. bright-white bond paper with specialized matte coating can handle heavier ink loads necessary for maps, posters, POP and indoor displays. It is fast drying and its bright white surface delivers crisp clean text, vibrant graphics and realistic photos.

      »Translucent Bond

        The 18 lb. translucent bond paper is commonly used as an economical alternative to vellum.

      » Xtreme Bond

        The Oce Xtrm Bond is a 3-layer product with a core of a synthetic and both faces consisting of thin layers of bond paper which results in a superior tear resistance and a moderate moisture resistance. We have 27# xtreme paper available for B&W and color prints.

      » Mylar®

        Mylar is Dupont Tejjin Films’ brand name for the durable polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET). In the printing industry it comes in clear and off-white translucent versions. Mylar will not tear or lose shape over time and is great for archival prints. It also used to make drawing overlays — any time you want to see through one or more layers of prints, Mylar is your best choice. We print on the 4-mil thickness versions of both the clear and translucent types of Mylar.

      » Photo Gloss Paper

        The 8 mil Photo Gloss Paper features an instant-dry, microporous inkjet-optimized coating with a top “color receiver layer” and a special polyethylene resin coating that absorbs the ink to produce high quality, photorealistic results. The prints dry so quickly, resist smudges and fingerprints during handling and don’t require a lot of extra drying time before laminating.

      » Tyvek®

        DuPont™ Tyvek® brand is a family of tough, durable, flexible and tear-resistant sheet products made of flash-spun, high-density polyethylene fibers. Tyvek provides a strong low-weight banner material that won’t fade or rip no matter what the weather. It highly printable, unaffected by water & extreme temperatures and easily wipes clean when soiled. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for field drawings and outdoor guides. Other uses for Tyvek include job-site banners and actual-size templates for masonry work.

      » Vellum

        Vellum is a smooth, high-quality blueprint material that is durable and translucent which make is suitable for both archival prints and overlays. We have 20# non-erasable vellum available for prints.