B&W Prints

Standard Blueprints

Standard Blueprints
Standard black and white blueprints are produced on our Ocè TDS750 printer. We can either scan an existing document or print from a pdf file.

Our standard media for these black and white prints is a 20# Engineering Bond. In addition, we have a number of alternative papers to meet you special needs. Our options include colored and heavier bond papers, translucent mylar & vellum options and the Tyvek durable option for field prints. Specifically, the available types of alternative printing media and their prices are shown in the following table. For all media, our maximum width roll is 36 inches.

For a description of these print papers [Click Here].

Half Size Prints for Half Price

Standard drawing sizes used in construction can get quite unwieldy – especially for large construction sets. By reducing a drawing image by 50%, a 24×36 set of drawings becomes a 12×18 set. This smaller set of construction drawings is easy to read, more convenient to handle, and costs about half the that of a full size construction set.

Sample Prices for Standard Blueprints

Sample prices for our standard black and white prints are as follows:

Media TypePrice
Size C
Size D
Size E1
Size E
These prices are based on printing from a digital PDF file. The minimum size is 1.5 square feet. If a B&W printed copy must be scanned for copying, add $1.00/sheet for the first copy. Prices subject to change without notice. Ask about our discounts for large orders.
20# Eng Bond$0.30$0.90$1.80$2.70$3.60
24# Eng Bond$0.35$1.05$2.10$3.15$4.20
32# Eng Bond$0.50$1.50$3.00$4.50$6.00
20# Color Bond$0.45$1.35$2.70$4.05$5.40
18# Translucent $0.50$1.50$3.00$4.50$6.00
20# Vellum$1.00$3.00$6.00$9.00$12.00
27# Xtreme Bond$1.30$3.90$7.80$11.70$15.60
40# Brown Kraft$0.30$0.90$1.80$2.70$3.60
4mil Matte Mylar$3.10$9.30$18.60$27.90$37.20
4mil Clear Mylar$5.65$16.95$33.90$50.65$67.80

* These prints are made on our Ocè ColorWave 650 printer.

Bindery Options for Standard Blueprints

We offer a variety of bindery and finishing options for these prints — the most popular options are shown below:

Binding TypePrice
Prices subject to change without notice.
Staples (100 sheets maximum)$0.50
Staples and Black Tape (100 sheets maximum)$2.50
Screw Posts (400 sheets maximum)$4.00
Screw Posts and Black Tape (400 sheets maximum)$6.00

We have many other options available. Please contact us about your specific requirements, we most likely can accommodate your needs.