Reducing Costs Using Color

      Using Color to Reduce Costs

      reduce costs 1 to 4 using color blueprints

      The use of color blueprints has been touted as a means to reduce costs of construction projects. This would primarily occur by reducing the number of change orders and, thereby, reducing costs. However, it had been hard to attach a dollar value to the use of color. Then, in 2010, Oce North American commissioned Lyra Research to evaluate the impact of using color construction documents on overall project costs.

      Lyra concluded that “Applying color construction documents to design-build projects presents a significant near-term opportunity for improving project collaboration and reducing project-related waste.” They went on to estimate that every incremental dollar spent on color prints would generate $4.17 in project savings.

      Oce / Lyra Whitepaper

      This PDF document contains the complete text of the Lyra white paper. Proceed through the document using the navigation bars that appear when your mouse hovers over the text.

      Lyra Study on Color Workflow Benefits